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Pastor Phil Perry

Luke 23

The 7 Statements from the Cross
Father, Forgive Them

We are in what the traditional churches call “lent”. It is a time to remember Jesus temptation in the wilderness and it marks the 40 day period before Easter. We are going to consider the cross over the next several weeks before Easter, and specifically focus on the sayings recorded in the Gospels that Jesus spoke from the Cross.


Pastor Phil Perry

Giving God Our Best

Why does life hurt so badly at times? We have all experienced it, from the first shock of life outside of the womb, to hurts and pains of childhood, to loss and pain as an adult. At times this pain can be overwhelming and we wonder if we will ever experience joy again. Other times we blame God, others, Satan for the grief we are enduring. God wants us to hive Him our problems and pain, will you?


Pastor Phil Perry

Giving God Our Best

Giving God our Best: Money What should I do when the offering bag comes around? This is one of the most difficult questions to answer, because money is so personal. It does not help that TV evangelists have made money such a priority that society thinks of preachers as money grabbers or con artists. But the Bible speaks clearly on money and our attitude towards it. Are you giving God what He expects?


Pastor Phil Perry

Giving God Our Best

What are your talents gifts and abilities? You might say “nothing” but we all have them. We may value some over the other, but because we are all unique and special; God has made us so that we can do things others cannot. We are a unique and very special package designed to do something for Him, but we often waste the gifts given to us or never fully utilize them for the purposes given. I want to challenge you to consider your special abilities and ask, “Am I using them for God’s glory?”


Pastor Phil Perry

Giving God Our Best

The New Year is a great time to focus on our commitment to God. Are we giving to Him all that He deserves? We are going to consider giving God the best of our Time. Time is one thing that money cannot buy. It is irreplaceable once it is gone and it cannot be stopped or slowed down. Yet it is perhaps the one resource that we waste without further thought. How can we give God all that He deserves, including our time?

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