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Study Introduction


Pastor Phil Perry

The 5 Purposes of the Church

We are going to look at the 5 purposes of the church over the next 5 weeks. I think this is of paramount importance because Christianity is at a pivotal point. What does God want of us? What is church all about? We have so many denominations, what helps us to understand how to select the right church? Are we the kind of church that God wants us to be?


Pastor Phil Perry

Communion Service

Pr. Phil leads us through the partaking of the communion elements.


Pastor Phil Perry

Dealing with our Respectable Sins
Fighting the Urge to Join the World

As we wrap up our study on acceptable sins, we come to perhaps the most subtle and difficult to root out sins- worldliness. It is difficult because the evil one has used it effectively to distract us. How has the world impacted you? Do you love it more than you love God?


Missionary Jason Laird

1Samuel 1

Guest Speaker
Spiritual Infertility


Pastor Phil Perry

Dealing with our Respectable Sins
Why is the Tongue So Potent? Judgementalism, Envy, Jealousy, and Gossip

Why is it that our toungues get us in so much trouble? James says they are like an uncontrolled fire in the forest, and we can all attest to the great damaging our tongues can do. We don't like to speak of these sins, but they are great indeed and need to be confessed and controlled.


Pastor Phil Perry

Dealing with our Respectable Sins
Lack of Self Control, Irritation and Irritability, and Anger

The issue of living a controled life is usually not considered a sin issue. We enjoy 'freedom' and most feel we have the 'right' to do what we want and be irritated and angry with whatever or whoever gets in our way. As we look at these sins today, ask God to expose the pain we cause in others lives when we are angry and irritated all the time.


Pastor Mike Robinette

Guest Speaker
Where Will Following Jesus Lead Us?


Pastor Phil Perry

Dealing with our Respectable Sins
Unthankfulness, Pride and Selfishness

The sins we will look at today are ones that we hold close to the vest. They are extremely difficult for us to see ourselves, and we become very defensive if someone points them out to us. These are the sins where it is all about me, which our culture celebrates. We self-promote and call it good. We are rude and say it is about getting respect. We put others down to build ourselves up. God says it is sinful and wrong.


Pastor Phil Perry

Dealing with our Respectable Sins
The Sins of Anxiety, Frustration, Worry and Discontentment

The sins we are going to deal with is our attitudes towards the unhappy circumstances of life. We all face them, and these sins are things we all struggle with. Yet they are reactions we are so used to that we don’t think of them as sins; yet they are! What do you do when life hands you lemons?


Pastor Phil Perry

Dealing with our Respectable Sins

The first specific respectable sin we will deal with is ungodliness. None of us want to consider ourselves as ungodly, after all we are good moral people, sitting in church and trying to be Christians. Yet if we are honest, this is the underlying problem of all ours sins.


Dr. Jerry Vreland

John 7-8

Guest Speaker
Does John 7:53-8:11 belong in our Bible?

Dr. Jerry Vreland argues for the rightful inclusion of John 7:53-8:11 in the Bible; a controversial and historically omitted passage of Scripture.


Pastor Greg Olson

1Samuel 30

Guest Speaker
Letting God Work In Our Lives

Associate Pastor Greg Olson encourages us to allow God to work in our lives; putting our hope and trust in Him.


Pastor Phil Perry

Dealing with our Respectable Sins
The Cure for Sin

In our study on respectable sins last week we were reminded that we are Saints and we need to act like it. Our sin, even the ones we tolerate are offensive to God and must be dealt with. God though does not leave us helpless, but provides for us the cure for our sin problem.


Pastor Phil Perry

Dealing with our Respectable Sins
The Problem of Sin

Our new study is on the sins we find respectable. Not that we encourage each other from participating in them, we just don't discourage them from them. We overlook them as nuisance at best, but certainly not worth fussing about. These include self-pity, unthankfulness, pride/vanity and a critical tongue. Are they really that big a deal? Shouldn’t we focus more on the big things like murder, idolatry and stealing? Am I really that bad?


Pastor Matt Richey

Guest Speaker
Missionary Trip to South Africa

Former PBF youth pastor, Pr. Matt Richey gives us a review of his 6 month missionary (teaching) trip to South Africa.


Pastor Troy Harvey

Philippians 4

Guest Speaker

Associate Pastor, Troy Harvey of Sleater-Kinney Road Baptist Church in Olympia encourages us to find true contentment in Christ.


Pastor Phil Perry

Hosea 12-14

God Pleads for His People to Return

As we close our study in Hosea, once again God pleads with His people to return to Him. God’s people have always rebelled and walked away from Him. Thankfully He is patient and waits for us to come back to Him. He is the husband out looking for a wayward wife, He is the shepherd looking for the lost sheep, He is the wife looking for a lost coin. God is looking for us too when we stray, is He out looking for you?


Pastor Phil Perry

Hosea 10-11

God Still Loves His People

One of the most amazing things is the length of God's patience. I am amazed that God has not destroyed humanity by now as rebellious and sinful as we are; yet in His mercy, He patiently endures. His mercy of course is grounded in His essential characteristic of love. 1 John reminds us that God is love. It is His love that caused the world to come into existence, it is His love that caused Jesus to come to pay for our sins, it is His love that brings about discipline in our lives. God loves you too, no matter how far you have fled from Him.


Pastor Dan Lofgren

Psalm 67

Guest Speaker
Psalm 67

Guest missionary, Pastor Dan Lofgren challenges us to consider generously supporting the ABWE medical ministry in northern Togo, Africa where a new hospital is being built to meet overwhelming needs.


Pastor Phil Perry

Hosea 8-9

God Will Judge a Sinful Nation

The most damning of all words is declared against Israel—GUILTY. They violated all of God’s standards, His precepts, His law, His expectations, His covenants. They were guilty and God was issuing His statements of judgment against them. They went from a blessed people to a punished people. God is patient and slow to anger, we should be grateful for that, but when His patience has run its course, His justice is sure and swift. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry and holy God.


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